Business / Commerical Insurance

Sabatino Insurance Agency offers a variety of business insurance products at an affordable price while giving you the assurance that all of your business insurance needs are met. We offer the following packages listed below:

• Business Automobile
• Property and liability package policies
• Business Catastrophe Liability. (Commercial Umbrella)
• Workers' Compensation
• Bonds

Our Commercial Package features a broad selection of coverage options tailored to meet your insurance needs in these highly competitive markets. The flexiibilty of this package insures that as you grow and your needs change you remain covered every step of the way.

Other Business Insurance packages:

Tailored packages to your specific needs for the following:

• Boats, yachts, etc.
• Restaurants
• Bars, Grills
• Wholesale Distributors
• Stores ( package, beer, drug stores, food markets)
• Hotels, etc.
• Professional LIability
• Personal Umbrella